Last week on Wellness Wednesday brought to you by Medical Center Hospital, we took you back into the gym and let you see how important physical fitness is to losing weight. This week we are going to talk about portion control.

Portion control is the key to not over eating along with the order you eat your food. Your portions on your plate should always be about the size of your palm or a baseball. The order you eat your food should go like this, protein, vegetable, then your carbs.

Don't forget your 30-20-30 rule! Nothing to drink 30 minutes before and after you eat and it should take you 20 minutes to eat your food!

Mark April 13th on your calender's! I will be sitting on the Bariatric Services Seminar at Mission Fitness for any of you who would like to get information on all the services provided by Medical Center Hospitals Bariatric Center!