You all know I am a person who tells it like it is. I don't hold back, especially if something chaps my hide.

I saw this news clip recently where a show host and his guest were discussing Kelly Clarkson and Adele at the Grammy's last Sunday night. Instead of praising these two women on their Grammy achievements, this woman was explaining the how Kelly and Adele were setting bad examples.

Bad example? Hmmm? These two are just being honored based on their God given talents, that's a bad example? This woman says that they are showing young girls that its ok to be lazy and not care about their weight!

NO NO NO! What what these two woman are saying they followed their dreams doing what they are good at and won one of industries highest awards. That's what these two women are saying.

How dare someone's talent and ability be judged on the way they look. What they can do has nothing to do with way they look. And we wonder why people have self esteem issues! People are so mean! Comments like that only come from other peoples insecurities.

I am here to tell you, your success and happiness does not depend on the way you look. They way you look does not limit you to anything! Follow your dreams and be who you want to be no matter what. DO NOT listen to what others say. You follow your heart!

You be the perfect you and let everyone else worry about themselves. I only have one last thing to say about this woman. FYI, while you are criticizing Kelly and Adele they are laughing all the way to the bank! They can die happy people because they are successful!

See the segment below