Sometimes you hear people say "well that's just Unamerican, in some cases it's true but in some cases it's all in good humor. Well I have a secret that some say is Unamerican. I don't like bacon. That's right! I can't stand bacon.

I know I am not normal according to some. I can't stand the smell of it, I don't want my food cooked anywhere near it! I am so anti-bacon it's not funny!

A few other traditional foods I don't like are, coconut, mushrooms, olives, and marshmallows! Call me crazy, but that's just me! I order a Bloody Mary with no olives or olive juice. I don't eat Italian Creme cake, and don't put mushrooms on anything.

What food do you not like, that people find odd? I am I weird because I don't like bacon? You tell me!

MyLoupe /Getty Images