This may be a little TMI but I had to share this! So, I am obsessed with cleaning my ears. I have to clean my years everyday.

I know this sounds really gross but I love getting the wax out. Plus when I see people with dirty ears it drives me insane and it makes me want to clean their ears. I know they say you aren't supposed to use q-tips but I do, I will even use a bobby pen to clean my ears.

So, when I saw this thing on TV, I had to get one. I was excite to stick this thing in my ear twist it around and have wax come out. I know, I sound like one of those pimple popping people. Well, I found one the other day. The "As Seen On TV" Smart Swab!

I was so excite to get it home and use it! I get it out, the instructions and use it and nothing! That's right nothing! It doesn't work for people for like me! It only works for people who let wax build up in their ears. It doesn't work for people who don't have wax in their ear. I have even tried several more time.

So needless to say I was disappointed, to have such clean ears! LOL