As you all know, I have recently started going to New U Med Spa in Midland. I have gotten Botox injection and had my lips plumped, but now I have started a great skin car regimen.

I began with a mild skin peel facial. Angie the estetician, started with process, so we could begin the repair and restoration of my skin.

The skin peel, helped break down and remove the dead skin, and then moisturizers and nutrients were put back into my skin.

Two weeks later I went back and had the European Facial, which is a relaxing facial. The European facial comes with skin restoration and relaxation. It also comes with a hand, neck, and shoulder massage.

I have noticed a total turn around in my skin since I started going to New U Med Spa. My skin is so much smoother and brighter. In my next New U Med Spa blog I will be talking about my knew skin care products, I have been using!

New U Med Spa is located in the Caldara Plaza on Caldara Blvd off of Midkiff in Midland.  Call for an appointment today at 699-2637!