While on vacation last week, I decided to get a lot of things done that are hard to do when you're working.  The two cats were due for their shots and check-ups and I had been putting it off for months.

The vet opens at 8:30am.  I left the house at 8:30.  My first problem was, I have two cats and one carrier.  I put the large cat (Gizmo) in the carrier.  He's a really laid back cat.  For the first time in his life, he hissed at me.  I scooped up the small cat (Ashley) in my arms, loaded all of us in the car and took off.  When I saw the parking lot at the vet's, my heart sunk.  It was packed.  I was tempted to go back home!
But when I walked into the waiting room, my heart sank further.  There was no place to sit.  And everyone had a dog.  Don't get me wrong, I love dogs.  But when you have your two cats in a room full of dogs, you get a little nervous.  And of course, they were loud.  There was one particular dog that kept yapping.  All I could do was stand in the farthest corner, put the carrier with Gizmo on the ground and hold Ashley in my arms.  I stood there for one-and-a-half hours!  I was finally escorted back to a room at 10am.
Then when the vet pulled up Ashley's chart on the computer, the first thing she said in a low voice was, "oh, this cat is 13."  Don't say it like that!  I don't want to hear that!  She was very well behaved.  In fact, the people in the waiting room and also the vet, commented that Ashley was well behaved.  Just chill.  Getting Gizmo out of the carrier was a challenge but we finally managed.
By the time the examinations were over, it was 11am, the morning was shot and I had hair all over me!