Since I moved into this house in Midland over a year ago, I've gone back and forth about installing a ceiling fan in the living room.  The woman that owned this house before me had eclectic tastes and I liked the unique light fixture that was hanging from the vaulted ceiling.  However, this summer, I've barely gone into the living room because it's just too hot.  I couldn't stand it anymore.



So I used one of my staycation days to go buy a fan and have it installed.  I've installed fans myself but the ceiling is higher than any ladder I have.  As it turned out, there wasn't an electrical box for the fan to attach to.  That would have thrown me.  Also, I bought a downrod that was too long.  The electricians cut it and made the fan hang at the correct height.  If I had done it myself, I would have had to go back to the store and exchange the downrod.



I did get the correct reostat though (the dimmer).  It's one made specifically for fans.  And it turns out it was wired for a ceiling fan with separate switches for the fan and the light.



So when you do home improvement projects, what is your limit on DIY?  Do you draw the line at electrical, plumbing or other various things?  Or are you pretty well-versed in most DIY-type projects?



The verdict on the fan is two thumbs up.  The room feels much cooler and the large fan I bought can move a lot of air without having to turn it on high.  I think I'll be spending more time now in the living room the rest of the summer!