Sunday is Mother's Day and we wanted to honor our country mama's. Thank you to everyone who entered your mother's for our Best Country Mama Contest. Just know that we think you all have great mothers, but there could only be one winner and you guys votes Sunny Johnson as our Best Country Mama.

Sunny will receive our great gift package that includes:

A flower arrangement from Arlene’s

A gift certificate from The Brand

Three free tans from Tantrix

A gift basket from Escents Candles

A free session from Kara Bryant

And a necklace from D’Carroll

Thank you for all of our great sponsors!

She is selfless, giving and will literally do anything for anyone. When we lost our daughter a few years back, it was extremely hard on both of us. But without her, I would’ve never been able to get through it. She has since decided that she would love to be able to provide headstones for babies whom parents cannot afford to do so. It has not been able to happen as of yet due to funds, but in the meantime, she goes up and cleans around all of the gravesites. She is also that lady that will pull over and help you push your car. Like I said, literally anything anyone needs. She is there and never expects anything and will never mention it. Please choose her so that she can have the Mother's Day that she deserves. God Bless

Congratulations Sunny!

Eric Johnson