I am so excited! I know this may sound weird but I am so excited to be spending my Valentine's Night watching Swamp People.
I love this show. First and foremost you all know I am obsessed with alligators and anything to do with them.

What is so unique about Swamp People that many may not know is, that it is a real way of life. People's lively hood have depended on hunting alligators for many years. The hard part is they only have 30 days to get the job done. You don't catch gators, you don't get paid.
I would love to go on a hunt one time. I would probably be scared to death but i would go. My dumb self would probably fall out of the boat. Hehe! I really do want to go on an air boat ride come day too.
Their are two reasons I love Swamp People. The first one of course is the gators but the second is I love cajun people. I love to listen to them talk and I love to eat their food. Notin' betta dan some a big o' pot of gumbo! ( in the voice of Troy)

The new season starts tonight on the History Channel