There are some people who only text and never talk on the phone but there are some people in this world who still like to talk to people. I am one of those people.

Now, I don't mind texting, especially if its something quick and easy to say but if its going to be a lengthy conversation, I would rather talk. And, especially if its a significant other! Maybe, you feel different if you have been dating or have been married or have been dating a while, but I like to hear their voice. I like to make that connection.

To me texting can be so impersonal. Plus things can be taken the wrong way via text. Things can misinterpreted  very quickly through text message.

I guess, you can call me old school but I still like to talk on the phone. One thing I can't stand is when you call someone and they text you back. Fool, I called you for a reason! If I wanted to text you, I would have sent you a text!