Even music fans who don't consider themselves 'Swifties' likely know that Taylor Swift has a 'thing' for the number 13 -- her chosen "lucky number" -- which can often be seen scribbled on her hand during concerts. Given that 2013 is fast approaching, we asked the 'Begin Again' singer what her plans are for the new year.

"Thirteen has always been my lucky number, so I'm very excited about 2013 coming up! In 2013 I really hope to go on tour and have it be… wonderful," Swift gushes, hopeful that she'll be back on the road soon.

With the release of her talked-about 'Red' album on Monday, the crossover superstar has made it apparent that her next big move is to the tour bus, and she's already dreaming of the fancy costumes, elaborate set designs and dramatic effects that will come with the new calendar year.

Swift spills of the forthcoming tour, "I really want it to be something that entertains people and has them leaving the arena or the stadium going, 'That was worth the money we spent for the ticket, that was worth waiting in line and parking the car, and filing into the arena -- that was worth it!' You know?"