Taylor Swift kicked off her much-anticipated Red Tour last night (March 13) in Omaha, Neb. and she did so in red, black and white.

The '22' singer, who has been knocking 'em dead on red carpets in a stunning array of gowns by Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan in the past few months, needed to be more utilitarian in her approach to her stage costumes. After all, she has to run around for approximately two hours and sing, dance, knuckle down on her guitar and interact with her adoring fans. That's some intense exercise and she works up a sweat (especially during a 'Stomp' like drum break on 'Holy Ground,' video below) but she never -- like, ever -- sacrifices her style.

She looked cute and sexy in her white lace top and shiny, high-waisted, black boy shorts, as these photos and videos certainly attest to.

If there is one thing Swift has, besides brains, beauty, talent and songwriting ability, it's a set of stems. Her long legs are one of her best features, and she showed 'em off in those shorts. Those things go on for miles! They seemed to stretch to the floor when she was lifted off the ground during aerial maneuvers while playing 'Sparks Fly.'

She didn't abandon the red theme, though, as her lips were painted her signature shade of scarlet, and her boyish Oxford shoes and her guitar were the same hue. Fans got plenty of 'Red' during the lengthy set.

The Red Tour continues tonight (March 14), with a second show in Omaha.

Christie Goodwin/TAS, Getty Images

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