You have always heard about states having crazy laws, well, Texas has them too! Some of these are absolutely ridiculous and hilarious. The funny thing is we all may be guilty of a few!

1. Kingsville, Texas: It is illegal for pigs to make love at the airport! So if you are going to have your pigs fly make sure they are not about to mate!

2. Port Arthur: It is illegal to fart in elevator. The technical term is emit obnoxious odor! So the next time you so you better hope you can blame it on someone else! LOL

3. Texas: You cannot shoot wild hogs and coyotes out of a helicopter. All though there are many people who try.

4. Clarendon, Texas: Although the motto is Don't Mess With Texas and it's all about the clean up, in Clarendon it is illegal to us a feather duster on a a public building.

5.San Antonio, Texas: This would explain why online dating has gotten so popular. It is illegal to flirt using your eyes or your hands.

6. Texas: No sipping! It is illegal to take three sips of beer while standing. Chug! Chug! Chug!

7. Mesquite, Texas,  Keep it classy and conservative. It is illegal for kids to have weird haircuts. I'm not sure how that could be defined.

8. Texarkana, Texas. It is illegal to ride a horse at night with no taillights. Good luck trying to get the lights on the back end of horse! LOL

9. Texas: It is illegal to curse in front of a corpse. So you can't say, that son of b@#ch is really dead! LOL! You could be arrested!

10. Texas: It is illegal to drink milk from another man's cow! Sorry you can only drink from your own teat! LOL

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