MARC is a special organization that has grown a special place in my heart. MARC provides so much for person's with disabilities in our community.

MARC's mission is to offer highly personalized programs and services to individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities by helping them:

  • Make life choices based on their individual interests and dreams,
  • Achieve their personal best with dignity and respect,
  • Obtain a job or be involved in an employment environment based on their individual abilities and choices,
  • Share in the wholeness of the Midland community

With the growing population, the need for help is getting bigger. Here is your way to help by having some fun!

Come test drive a new Ford vehicle and Ford Motor Co. will make a $20 donation on your behalf to the Midland MARC center for individuals with disabilities! That's right, all you have to do is test drive a new Ford vehicle! Plus there will be food and other fun activities. Plan on joining us there and help Ford and MARC reach their target goal of $6,000 to benefit local men, women and children with disabilities.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! Come by the Scharbauer Sports Complex Saturday August 25th from 10-3! You can RESERVE

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

your spot now!

Come and join us live next Saturday!