The Texas Senate Heath and Human Services Committee has approved a bill requiring drug screening for those who receive welfare.

Well that's what they want you to think. Yes they did approve drug testing for people receiving welfare only if a WRITTEN test shows possible drug use! WHAT? How does a written test show drug use.

You will always have to fail multiple drug test before your benefits are cut off? WHAT? So I can do drugs all I want on tax payers money as long as I don't get caught three times! WHAT?

"The bill would require new TANF applicants to take a controlled substance screening test, essentially a questionnaire that is intended to identify likely drug users. Applicants who are flagged by this screening would have to pass a drug test in order to begin receiving money. Applicants who have previously failed a drug test or those who have been convicted of a drug related felony would also have to pass a drug test to get benefits."

Another part of the bill is to make sure the children don't lose the benefits because their parents are drug addicts. WHAT? How will that happen? Would you start giving the child control of the only welfare benefits? Ok so I just answered my own question with research. So apparently  there would be a protective payee. If that is the case give that person custody of the child.

Maybe I'm not understanding? But this sounds a little off to me.

I would love to know what you think.