A teenager in Mansfield, TX was fired from Jet's Pizza parlor over Twitter before her first day of work due to her comments about the job on social media.

The terminated employee, known only as Cella, posted on Twitter the day before her first day at Jet's Pizza,

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Jet's Pizza owner Robert Waple was tipped off to Cella's tweet by another employee and logged on to see for himself.  Waple tweeted back to Cella, his first tweet since 2009,

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The Twitter exchange quickly went viral, being retweeted and favorited thousands of times.  Several former employees of Jet's reached out to Cella to express their distaste for working at Jet's, some saying they actively tried to be fired and others calling it the worst job they ever had.  Some former employees even reached out to Mr. Waple to throw in their opinions of his establishment, with one admitting he was stoned every day he worked, to which Waple replied,

Being high would only partly explain how you could deliver a pizza to the wrong house...multiple times.

Cella has taken the public firing in stride, saying she had heard it was a bad place to work and that's why she wasn't upset.  She's also amused with her new found fame,

That moment when someone snitched on you trying to get you in trouble but instead accidentally gets you famous.

via The Daily Mail