UPDATE: In a surprise to all of us, it looks like Mike Ball WILL be getting to on the trip after all.

Here is what Lonestar Outdoors TV posted on their Facebook today:

After talking with the prostaff members about the massive amount of votes and support that these guys had at their backs during this contest. And for all the attention these guys have brought to our page and the over 130,000 views this page and contest received due to these two American heroes battling with likes for a chance to win a hunt with LSO TV. We as a group have decided that due to the closeness of this contest and tremendous support shown by friends, family, and fans of LSO. Michael Ball will also be going on a hunt with the reaper crew. Congratulations Michael and thank you everyone for the support.


Thank you to Lonestar Outdoors TV for making this decision and thank you to everyone who voted for Mike! You are all made of awesome!


It was a late night, but I can honestly tell you that I am both proud, but not surprised at all of the support you all gave Mike Ball for yesterday's contest.


By my count at midnight, Mike's entry was just 17 votes behind the winner, but while he didn't win the hunting trip, I feel he still won in knowing that West Texas has his back and those who serve in our military!

In response to the contest, Mike wrote a very nice message to everyone who rallied to get him the likes yesterday.




Thank you again to everyone that helped out yesterday and thank you Mike and every single one of our veterans for their service! With everything going on in the world these days, it's refreshing to see how complete strangers can come together to help someone. Happy Friday to you all and have a great weekend!