Not too long ago people would say, you should just be thankful to have a job. Now the reality is business's are thankful to have enough employees to open their doors.

Tonight I went to the pharmacy, I pulled in the drive through and it was closed. I use a 24 hr pharmacy. I pulled up and there was a sign that said drive through closed due to short staff. So I went in.

When I got in the store I walked to the back I was greeted with a line at least 20 people deep. From the time I walked in to the time I walked out, it was an hour.

I am just so shocked at how businesses can't find people to work. We are so very blessed to live in the economy that we live in. There are people in this country that would love to have such a huge job market to choose from. The down side is the cost of living. But  I guess you can't have on without the other.