The average family will waste over $1000 on things they will never use.

This totally makes me thing of a lady here at work. Anytime she sees something on TV that promises to be the next miracle she buys it. She comes to work at least once a month tells us what she bought off TV.

I always poke fun at her because everything she gets makes her sick, breaks her out, or is not what she thought.

She falls into the average of families who blow $1000 or more on things they will never use.

Here are some of things people buy and never use:

1.  Chocolate fondue fountain.

2.  Foot spa.

3.  Workout DVDs.


4.  Fondue set.

5.  Digital photo frame.

6.  Pasta-making set.

7.  Juicer.

8.  Bread machine.

9.  Cocktail shaker.

10.  Sleep tracker or monitor.

What are some of the things you have purchased that have been a total wast of money?

Getty Images/Brian Leatart