Last night was the season finale of The Biggest Loser, one of my favorite shows ever! What is  unique about this season is that, it almost didn't happen.

Last season was full of so much garbage and drama it drove people away. Numerous contestants quit. Not just said, this is to hard but walked off the show because they didn't get their way. Being someone who tried out for that season and was passed up for that bunch of selfish ingrates, made it so hard to stay a fan of the show.

This season was totally different. Everyone on the show lost weight and everyone did great. Five of six of the contestants lost over 100 pounds.

I was so excited when Danni was crowned The Biggest Loser. She was my favorite from the get go. She lost every member on her team and had to fight every week to save her self. There was no one there to depend on. She fought hard and made it to then end.

I really hope they continue on with The Biggest Loser. In my opinion though, they redeemed themselves and brought the show back to what made it famous.

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