I am, and plan to always be a Dallas Cowboys fan, but it sure is hard. What is going on with these guys. From the owner, to the the coach, to the players and staff, something has got to give!

I understand that Tony Romo didn't have a perfect game tonight but that is totally pointless when the defense can't keep the other team from scoring. I don't understand what happen.! They went into the half with a score of 26-3 and when the second have started they all stopped playing.

I think the Dallas Cowboys need a total over haul! There is definitely a huge problem with the defense. Head coach Jason Garrett is blaming the QB for play calling. The defense says we don't know what happen. There needs to be some leadership somewhere and it should start with Jason Garrett. He should be losing his mind right now! Jerry Jones should be rolling heads but they aren't. Once again I am still not understanding.

I totally understand why DeMarco Murray was livid and he should have been.

You can disagree if you like, saying Dez Bryant acts up. He seems to be the only one who can't stand what is going on.

This Dallas Cowboys are


seconds away from having one big thing in common with the old Texas Stadium..... IMPLOSION!