The Grammy's are know as the holy grail of music. A Grammy is something every person in the music strives to win. It is quite an honor to win one. The Grammy's are about music as a whole but they always neglect a couple of genres.

Country music is some much bigger then the world gives credit for. If it wasn't for country and gospel music many of these artist would have never even been heard of.

Artist like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and George Jones, helped shape music into what is today, not just country music either.

If you are going to celebrate music celebrate equally. I get that Taylor Swift gets to perform but she is a cross over artist. Blake Shelton was put in a feature. Miranda Lambert had to perform with other people.

Why can't we get equal representation. Here's to needing more country at the Grammy's!

P.S. The show lasts to long!

Kevin Winter/GettyImages