Yesterday in our office, we had the "great watermelon debate." It was all about eating watermelon for breakfast.

We are involved in a weight loss challenge here at work and we all like to talk about what we've been eating to taunt the others. So yesterday our boss was talking about eating his pear, so I said I had scrambled eggs and watermelon for breakfast. He said, " what, that's weird?" How is that weird?  He said, " no one eats watermelon for breakfast."

Now, you have to keep in mind he isn't from Texas. He is a foreigner, he's from Missouri. I was trying to explain to him, here in Texas is perfectly fine to eat watermelon and cantaloupe anytime, as long as it's cold.

He concede a little by saying, it was ok for brunch. He's crazy! We can eat watermelon anytime we want! Don't you agree?