Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most haunted cities in America. So much history has happened in Savannah and legend has the characters have hung around.

There are over 90 ghost hunting tour companies in Savannah. It is a city known for ghost hunting. So we decided to do the same. When we started out on our adventure, we didn't expect to see a thing. We of course where just out for the adventure.

As we were going along listening to the stories and come a cross a doll in a window for a quick spook. Then we came to 432 Abercorn. I never excepted to see anything. Then I saw the creepiest thing ever. It was like a glowing light or figure. The car kept going so we quickly passed and we were gone.

The next day we were on the trollie and were passing by the house and I was trying to take pictures and my camera went totally blurry and froze, it would not take a single picture. Later that night, I went back to try to see if I could see anything and I didn't, until I got home and looked at the pictures I took. Do you see her.?

Gwen in the Morning

The story behind the house is the little girl would sneak out to play with the kids at the school across the way and as punishment for getting out her father would make her sit in the window and watch the kids and she eventually died of dehydration. Now the story says that she still sits in the window.

You tell me what you see.