The life of someone in radio is a strange one.  It's not the highest paying job in the world but it's one that is the most rewarding if you love music.

Most people in radio have a huge love for music.  But sometimes that love manifests itself in inconvenient ways...especially if you're moving.

Between many purchases and the free CDs I've received over the years, the bulk of my estate is taken up with music.  I have everything from the 40s through today.  Rock, pop, metal, disco, easy listening,'s all there.  I must have had over a dozen boxes of CDs.

These pictures are of my guest room.  It took a few weeks, but the CDs are finally more or less in place...alphabetized for easy locating.

Then there are the records.  I don't have as many LPs as I do CDs but I've amassed a decent collection of those over the years also.

So as I continue to get settled into the new house, here is a glance at the music collection that has both a blessing and a curse!