I mentioned in a blog almost a year ago that I finally had just purchased my house.  After all these months, I'm still excited to have my own home.
I weathered the ice storm last week and was blessed to have no electric or cable outages (yay, Suddenlink!).  But Friday and Saturday, I heard some strange noises coming from outside. They were like cracking noises, similar to what breaking a pencil sounds like but much louder.  Sunday, I opened the back door to find my neighbor's tree branch had crashed over the fence and into my yard!  I thought, "I guess I'll be cleaning that up."

Then yesterday, when I finally went out my front door to get the mail, I found my new little tree from last year had not survived.  It lay in a heap on the ground.

Now that I've been here almost a year, I'll be doing more home improvement projects. This spring and summer, I'll start working on the yard.  So I'll keep you updated when I start those chores.  Meanwhile, I'll be spending part of my week as you may be...cleaning up dead branches and trees!