I think every child in America grew up on eating grilled cheese sandwiches and its a food every child continues to love as adults.

According to Skout, Sunday is National Grilled Cheese Day and they have provided a few facts!

1.  86% of Americans say they LOVE them.

2.  The most popular cheese to use in them is American . . . followed by cheddar, provolone, Swiss, mozzarella, and brie.

3.  60% of people like using at least two different types of cheese.

4.  47% add other toppings, like tomatoes or bacon.

5.  People who like grilled cheese have SEX more often than people who don't.  They also give more money to charity and do more traveling.

Here is how I fall into those stats! I only like cheddar cheese on my grilled cheese, with no extra toppings and I like to dip it in tomato soup! No extra toppings or anything like that. I will eat a grilled ham and cheese but not a huge fan! When I was a kid my mom would put taco meet on it and make a grilled taco cheese! I did love that!

I am also very charitable and we all know I love to travel! So like I said I'm about 50/50 on the grilled cheese statistics!

How do you like your grilled cheese sandwhich?