I have owned this 380 Smith and Wesson Body Guard for three years now and it has never killed anyone. It has never even come close.

I am not here to tell you to believe one way or the other but I am here to tell you about my personal experience. We have had a gun in my home growing up as kid. I would travel with my grandparents as a kid and my Pawpaw always carried a gun. And as an adult when I knew I was capable of handling one, I purchased one.

I personally own a gun for my own personal protection. I only plan to use my gun in the case that my life were to ever be threatened.

People want to cry about gun laws and gun rights after tragedy strikes. It doesn't matter how or where a person purchased a gun. It was the hate the killed the people. It was the hate that fueled the rage. Even if the terrorist could not have purchased a weapon, he would have found a way to hurt those people.

Take for example the Boston bombers, they didn't use a gun. They used crock pots. Does this make their hate crimes any different? No! They still killed people! If there is a will there is a way. Timothy McVay used a moving truck a fertilizer in Oklahoma. Just people a few people misuse guns does that mean everyone does. Just because a few people drown each year, does that mean that everyone has to stop swimming?

I will tell you one thing! I know that my chance are lot better than some when a person comes at me with gun, than someone who do doesn't have one. Be equally matched. Don't be caught with a knife at a gun fight!

Next time all you gun haters get into something you need help with don't call a cop with a gun to protect you, that would be against your beliefs.