Sometimes I get a bad rap for man bashing. I don't always man bash, I do from time to time, but most of the time I'm just trying to help you guys out.

Today I was perusing Facebook and I came across a story that was called "25 Things Women Wish Men." I was curious and wanted to see what it really had to say.

I have to admit I agree with most of them. There are a few that I thought were right on point that sometimes men don't seem to always to quite get.

Here you go guys, always remember these things, it will get you tons of bonus points.

1. Small Things Count : One of the most important things to always remember. The small things will get you so much further with you woman,

2. Confidence is hot, arrogance is not! (self explanitory)

3.Listen and Take Interest: Most of the time your woman just wants you to listen to her and at least act like you care.

4. Be Honest! Honesty is always the best policy, no matter how bad it is!

5. Help Us! It is so nice when a man takes over and tends to things! ( laundry, dished, housework)

6. Make Us A Priority

7. Notice the small things.

8. We are suckers for Romance

9. Hygiene (shower, shave, clean yourself up) You can never use too much of our favorite cologne.

10.  NEVER EVER EVER FORGET OUR BIRTHDAY OR ANNIVERSARY! ( maybe this one should be number one)

If you will remember these for things, she will love you like Juliet loves Romeo!

An added bonus: Sometimes a women just needs their man to hold her! That's all, just to be held!

For the full list and article, CLICK HERE!

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