I love these kind of articles and Facebook Post, the kind that make you travel back in time. The things we loved as kids would now be laughed at by today's children. Whenever my friends tell me what they are buying their children for Christmas or birthdays, I always say what happen to buying baby dolls and barbies.

I came across this list of toys from the 1980's that a friend had posted on Facebook and I got so excited I had to share. The story is called, 53 Things Only A Girl From The 80's Would Understand. As went through the list I got so excited because I used to love so many of these things. These would be my top 10.

1. Cabbage Patch Kid's

2 Pound Puppies

3. Jem

4. Jelly Shoes

5. The clip on charms

6. Rainbow Bright

7. Strawberry Short Cake

8. My hair was never long enough but I always wanted a side ponytail

9. L.A. Gear

10. The t-shirt clip

These 53 things were what ever girl in 1980's were all about! Every girl wanted a room like Punky Brewster's and to live like the girls from The Facts of Life.

Which of these were your favorite?

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images