You know whenever you smell or taste something that you used to enjoy as a kid, it takes you right back to where you used to enjoy it!

For example I will forever use Caress soap because every time I smell it makes me think of being at my Nanny's house. She always has that kind of soap! Or White Rain hairspray makes me think of my Nanny!

These days I am all about trying to drink as much water as I can, so I have started using the flavorings for water. The other day my Mom told me she had found Tang! I was so excited. When I was a kid my Mom didn't buy anything we didn't need or was "expensive" but whenever we would go to our house in the mountains in New Mexico, my Grandma would always make tang for us to drink with breakfast. It was easier to make Tang, than to haul a jug of orange juice.

What are some of the tastes or smells that take you back to being a child?

To this day I can still smell the air that came out of my Strawberry Shortcake doll when you squeezed her, that were supposed to be kisses!