Halloween has come and gone, but with Thanksgiving approaching, there are a few things you can do to help not feel so bad after that big meal.

Eat your veggies

While the turkey and pumpkin pie are awesome, filling your plate with more vegetables will help make sure that while you'll have a full stomach, it won't be full of guilt and extra calories you'll have to try and work off.

Enjoy Each Bite

This may sound silly, but it really works. That turkey or dessert does taste good (or we hope it turned out right), but how can you taste something if you're scarfing it down so quickly, right? Enjoy each bite and that'll allow your brain to catch up and give you a sense of feeling satisfied before you have to adjust your belt.

Don't Give Into Peer Pressure

With family around, you may be feeling pressured to gorge on food or have that second helping that everyone else is getting. You don't have to. In the end, your body is about you and you can avoid the heartburn and post Thanksgiving weight by choosing what works best for you and how much you want to eat.

Watch How Much You Drink

This is a big one!!! Not only do you not want a hangover, but alcohol has a LOT of calories that can add up before you know it. If you want to have a little wine with dinner, that's fine, but just keep in mind how much you're taking in.