The other day I had the pleasure of being treated to a Watts Burger and fries. I had never had a burger from there and I was deliciously surprised.

This burger was like biting back in time. I was eating here at work and it made me think I was back in a 1950's cafe. It was so good and all I could think of was old fashioned. This burger was an old fashioned burger at its best. Then came the fries.

When I was asked what kind of fries I wanted, I chose spicy fries. Little did I know they were waffle fries! Once again I was deliciously surprised. I have never had spicy waffle fries before but you can bet I will do it again.

WattsBurger NO 1 is located at 1208 S Grant in Odessa. There number is 337-2131. Its an old fashioned car hop so be prepared to eat in your car or take it with you.

Not only do I love WattsBurger but they love the Legends Lunch and beginning next week you can find out more about the greatness of WattsBurger No 1 during the LoneStar 92 Legends Lunch!