As you may know, my "other" job is at the Recording Library of West Texas.  Many know we record books for the print-disabled.  Most of the time, people immediately think it's for the blind or visually impaired, which is true.  But we also record books for those who have aphasia.


Aphasia is a condition of the brain after a stroke or head trauma that prevents the brain from communicating normally.  It has nothing to do with intelligence, it's just the words may not be able to get out or come in normally.  The Aphasia Center of West Texas has a book club and we record books for that club.


All of this to bring me to the reason for this post.   Every spring, the Aphasia Center has a concert with a tribute band.  This year, the tribute band is Fleetwood Mask.  As you may have guessed, it's a Fleetwood Mac tribute band.  The concert will happen May 1 at the Cimarex Energy Pavilion at Grande Stadium in Midland.  There will be an opening band and then Fleetwood Mask takes the stage around 9pm.  All proceeds benefit the Aphasia Center and the wonderful work they do.

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