Thomas Rhett has a lot to be thankful for lately. Not only is the 24-year-old singer-songwriter celebrating yet another No. 1 hit with 'Get Me Some of That,' he's just returned from a trip to Italy!

Rhett is no stranger to the top of the charts. Whether he's writing No. 1 hits or singing them, he's been involved in a whole slew of country jams. Rhett's doting dad, Rhett Akins, helped pen 'Get Me Some of That,' but he's most proud of his successful son.

“Everybody dreams, you know, of their kids being successful," Akins explains. "You want them to be more successful than you are, it doesn’t matter what you do as a profession and when you’re a part of it at the same time -- most fathers and sons don’t ever work together, you know, and so it’s pretty cool to see him do what he’s done."

"It’s more cool that you do it with friends of yours and they’re friends of Thomas Rhett’s, you know, I mean he and Cole [Swindell] might as well be brothers," adds Akins. "They came up at the same time, they’re both nominated for the same awards, one week Thomas Rhett’s got a No. 1 whether he sang it ... or FGL or Luke [Bryan]. Somebody’s singing a No. 1 that Thomas Rhett is involved in. It’s cool to watch both of them.”

Swindell wasn't a signed artist when he helped write 'Get Me Some of That,' and he admits Rhett was the perfect guy for the song.

“I didn’t have a record deal at this point," Swindell says. "We were just trying to get songs out. Any time you’ve got a guy, especially a good guy like Thomas Rhett, he took it where it was supposed to go, man. There couldn’t have been a better guy to record our song.”

Carter, Swindell, Bryan, TR and Akins are all Georgia boys, growing up in similar areas of the state. Now that Rhett is climbing the charts with Bryan, they're both known for their hits, tight pants, and booty shakin' dance moves. Akins says that Bryan has rubbed off on his son when it comes to his dance moves.

“Luke’s probably the John Travolta of the genre," Akins jokes. "He caught the 'Saturday Night Fever' but I think him and Thomas Rhett hung out a little bit, it’s contagious. Thomas Rhett’s got the Saturday night flu.”

Now that Rhett is shaking his way to the No. 1 spot, he's wondering how he's going to celebrate. TR just returned from a trip to Italy with his wife, Lauren, so he thinks it's time to stay home and celebrate with the songwriters.

“I guess I’m gonna hang here. A bunch of my family is in town, all my friends are coming and it’s just going to be cool to celebrate with all of the songwriter buddies that wrote it.”

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