Tim McGraw's latest hit, 'One of Those Nights,' captures perfectly the excitement of a good old-fashioned first date. But if you've been struggling to remember all the words to the hit song, now's your chance to learn them. The popular country crooner has released a special lyric video just for his fans.

Before we tell you about the video, we have to back up to the exclusive party McGraw hosted the night before the CMA awards. The award-winning singer invited a few hundred fans to join him in downtown Nashville for a special performance of tunes from his upcoming album 'Two Lanes of Freedom' -- and cameras were rolling the entire time. As fans took in the performance (and enjoyed a surprise appearance by R&B star Ne-Yo, who sings on one of the tracks) cameras captured every memory of the night.

As a special gift to his fans and friends, McGraw had the photos and video footage made into a montage... in the form of this 'One of Those Nights' lyric video. If you look behind the words scrolling across the screen, you'll see McGraw and his fans living it up in Music City.

"Special…it was just an unbelievably special night," McGraw said in a statement. "I thought the video was a cool way to capture it and share it with all our friends who came out to celebrate with us. There's definitely a new energy and a feeling of freedom with this record, and I think everyone there felt that in our performance that night. It was just a blast for me and the guys to finally be able to perform the new songs and to give Nashville a preview of what's to come."
Regardless of what's to come on 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' McGraw has already been crowned the king of country radio. At the exclusive party, Nielsen-BDS confirmed that McGraw's music has been the most-played of any country artist in the last 20 years.