I am so very blessed to have four  sisters, one by blood and three  by love!

My sister by blood is nine years younger than me and we are total opposite! She has dark hair and dark eyes, she is very quiet and an introvert. She is also very artsy and eccentric! She is more on the liberal side where I am more conservative.  Where we all know I am not quiet or shy, I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I am more of a people person. I love my sister, she thinks I am bossy and try to get in her business but its just me trying to keep her from making the same mistakes I did!


The other two are actual sisters! Ashley and I became roommates in 2000. We have always been closer than two friends could be. We have been through everything together. And Megan, she is Ashlie's little sister that just became my little sister by default. I love Meggie, she will be ours to take care of for the rest of our lives!

The fourth and final one is Miranda and she has been my longest friend of my life! We have been friends since we were little kids. We also have been through a lot together! She and I talk everyday!

With all four of these people in my life, I am one blessed girl! Sisters are one of the greatest gifts God can give!