A sad, sad night for "Dallas" and JR Ewing fans. I can't believe he's really gone.

Tonight on "Dallas" we will say goodbye one last time to JR Ewing. Last week at the very end of the episode we heard JR tell John Ross goodbye and JR meet his demise. This week many of our favorite "Dallas" originals return.

Last week Gary returned to join the Ewing clan, tonight we will see Lucy and Ray will be there. JR's former long time mistress Mandy will come to pay her respects, as well as Callie, JR's last wife. The uninvited Cliff Barnes will also make an appearance.

Some faces that will surprise you will be Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

I know it will be a very emotional night for everyone.

How does this story end? We won't find out who shot JR until the end of the season. God Bless Larry Hagman!