Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning Donald J. Trump was declared winner of the presidential election of 2016. Donald Trump along with his running mate Mike Pence will take their place as leaders of the free world in 2017. A win that was sweet for some, but yet very bitter for others.

Their win though is very bitter sweet for me. It is no secret that I was a Trump supporter. So, for me I was excited for the win. I hope that he sticks to his word and is really about the people and especially the working class people and wants to make America great again. I like the fact that he is not politically correct and he tells it like it is. I think we will see the oil business rebound. I think the economy will get back on it's feet and many people will go back to work.

No for the bitter part. Their win has brought forth an out rage of very disrespectful behavior.  Four or even eight years ago, you did not see people act this way when they weren't pleased with the election of Barack Obama. The Republicans did not act this way. The celebrities who have tweeted out mean, vulgar and respectful social media postings, should be ashamed of themselves. The riotings in the streets, are horrible. For a group of people or are about people who are about peace and love, and equality, and acceptance of others, they sure aren't doing a good job of practicing what they preach. It just saddens me to see the way people are reacting. No one reacted with an out pouring of violence when the previous president was elected. The same respect that the opposition showed Obama, should be given to Donald Trump.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images