Seminole High School football fans got more excitement than they bargained for when this masked man executed the most technically impressive streaking prank we have ever seen.

Streakers are a common phenomenon at sporting events; getting naked is a pretty easy way to get attention and laughs. Usually the episode ends with an awkward tackle, and the perp is escorted off of the field by smirking security guards. In this case, things played out quite differently.

That guy is fast! He outruns the guards, who follow him over the low fence but give up when he scales the 6-foot barrier like Spidey in his birthday suit. With flawless prank-choreography, his getaway-car pulls up and whisks him away, while the crowd roars.

Scaling a chain-link fence while naked is a big risk, though, so we're interested in the followup. Also, when our masked hero came back to retrieve his penis from the second fence, did they nab him?