This morning Gwen was talking about foods she didn't like and asked me what food that I don't like that almost seems un-American.  I don't know about un-American but this is very un-Texan.

I don't like pecans.
I never have.  I like all other kinds of nuts.  Cashews, peanuts, almonds, you name it.   But I can't stand pecans.  This in the state that is known for its pecan trees!!!
Therefore, I don't like a lot of the foods that are served around the holidays.  Pecan pie, pralines, brownies with pecans, divinity.  In fact, I love divinity but don't like pecans.  So my mom used to make a small batch of divinity for me without pecans.  She didn't do it often.  She complained that it didn't set up right without pecans in it.  But she still would do it.
One time when my mom was out of town, oh I guess when I was around 10, it was just my dad and me.  He went to Zentner's Daughter in San Angelo and brought home steaks and baked potatoes.  Afterwards, he presented me with a candy bar that he got.  Oh boy!  Candy!  I chomped it right down.  You can probably guess the rest:  The candy bar had pecans!  And I ate it and liked it!  I guess they were chopped up fine enough that I couldn't taste them over the chocolate.  He said that proved I liked pecans.  I never forgave him for that episode!
What foods do you not like?