Bank of America released its annual Trends in Consumer Mobility Report this week.  In it, are some fascinating facts about how people feel about their gadgets.  1,000 Bank of America account holders were surveyed.


71% said they usually sleep with or next to there cell phone.

3% said they fall asleep with their phone in their hand.

13% leave it on the bed.

55% have it on their nightstand (that's me).


When they wake up they first:

Grab coffee:  17%

Go for their toothbrush:  13%

Reach for their significant other:  10%

Reach for their phone:  35%


44% said they couldn't make it a day without their cell phone.

23% check their phone every few minutes.

29% check their phone every 5-10 minutes.

37% text during meals.

32% text mid-conversation.

7% unplug completely on vacation.


A 2014 survey found Americans value their cell phones more than sex.  20% admitted to checking their phone during sex!  In that same survey 26% said they couldn't live without their cell phone, while only 20% said they couldn't live without sex!


So this 4th of July weekend, if you find you're not able to get away from your phone, you're not the only one!