I know that there is a day for "Bring Your Dog To Work Day," but I didn't realize it was today! No, I did not bring Romo to work but, I was greeted by large great dane when I walked in this morning!

We are used to animals around here. We have rabbits, coyotes, and skunks running around out side but not large dogs in the building! Spencer Bennett of KODM brought his dog Dixie to work with him this morning.

Me being the blunt person I am, was quick to ask, Why? He said she would not allow him to leave this morning with out her. So eventually had to just put her in the car and bring her with him.

Doesn't that always happen? When you are running late or just don't have extra time to mess with the dog? They either get out or run around and hide so you can't put them outside. It always happens to me! Romo never cooperates when I don't have time for him to be silly.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever just had to give in and take your dog with you? I have heard this happens with children but I have never heard of it happening with dogs.