This afternoon when I came back from lunch, the guys from KBAT, our rock station, thought they had some trivia that would stump me. Little did they know it is very hard to stump me when it comes to country and Texas Country trivia. They were so excited.

First of all, they asked me if I had ever heard of the Band Dangerous Toys. I said yes! Then they proceeded to ask me if I knew a country artist was in the band and I said yes! Then I threw it out there. It was everyone's favorite redneck, Kevin Fowler.

Dangerous Toys was a rock band formed in 1987 and Kevin Fowler joined the band in 1992. Kevin played with the band for over 200 show and left the band in 1994.

Take a look at look at your favorite redneck country boy, Kevin Fowler, rocking not only the music, but long blonde hair as well.

Better luck next time boys trying to stump me!