Who has three weddings? Miley Cyrus! First of all how old is Miley? I know she is of legal age but it seems as if she is still a spoiled teenager. But whatever, its not my place to judge. But I will comment on 3 count them 1,2,3 weddings. How is that special? How is that meaningful. I could understand two since he is from another country. One here, one there. To me your wedding day should be meaningful and special. A momentous occasion that is a celebration of the love between two people and their family and friends. I can understand going all out on that special day but that's not what makes it important. We have seen in the past  sometimes the most expensive weddings don't work out happily. Kim Kardashian's 20 million dollar wedding turned out a marrige that lasted 72 days. Like I said who am I to judge I have never been married. By the time I get married, if that ever happens, I will be to old for a lavish wedding. Mine will probably be the chaplin at the nursing home marring me for the first time. LOL. When my time comes I will do it up big but I am pretty sure there won't be three.