Taste of Country recently released their list of the sexiest voices in country music. Here is how their list went.

1. Chris Young

2. Gary Allan

3. Keith Urban

4. George Strait

5.Trace Adkins

You can see the full article with the Top 10 Sexiest Voices in Country.

I have to say I don't totally agree with their rankings, so I created a list of my own.

5. Josh Turner

4. Luke Bryan

3.George Strait

2. Chris Young

1. Gary Allan.

Josh Turner makes the list because of the deep sultry voice. Luke Bryan is in my top five because who can resist that sweet southern twang. George Strait is on the list because he's George Strait, ever so classic. Chris Young comes in at number two because his voice is the perfect pitch, soft and seductive.

Coming in at number one to me with  the sexiest voice of all time, other than the late great Conway Twitty, is Gary Allan. That man's voice can make you feel any emotion. Its rough, its, sensual, its comforting, its raw. When he sings he makes you feel like you are in the heart of every song.

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