Let me start out by saying my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of both Boston and West, Texas.

When tragedies like this happen there is always a need for blood. Its times like these when the importance of blood donation is brought to everyone's attention.

Here is the sad thing. When blood is donated it can't be directly used for transfusions. It has to go through a process before it can be used. That is why it is so important for everyone to donate blood on a regular basis. So in the tragic event something does there is plenty of blood on hand.

It is very easy to donate blood. The Midland Donor Center, located at 4706 N. Midkiff Rd, (432) 520-4592 The Odessa Donor Center, located at 3952 E. 42nd St, Sante Fe Square, (432) 550-6553. The Midland Donor Center is now open after our extensive remodeling. Both Midland and Odessa are open Monday & Wednesday from 930a to 430pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10a - 6p, Friday 8a-12p (Odessa is closed on Friday), Saturday 8a-230p.

You can also schedule an appointment online at http://www.unitedbloodservices.org/tx/

Give the gift of life, donate blood. It something that cost nothing that we have plenty of!