So the latest celebrity to hop on the ganga bandwagon is Willie.  I have to say, I'm surprised it took him this long!

Snoop Dogg has his own line of vaporizing products.  Melissa Etheridge is working on a marijuana-infused about double trouble!  And Bethenny Frankel is working on a strain of pot called "Skinnygirl" that doesn't give smokers the munchies.

Maybe Willie was just testing out different product lines before he found one to endorse!

Willie's line is going to be called "Willie's Reserve" and will be grown and sold in Colorado and Washington, where recreational pot is legal.  Willie says you should buy his pot because it will be labeled for potency, what's in it and what it does.  He says that buying pot should be like ordering food off a menu in a restaurant - you should know what you're getting beforehand depending on your appetite.

Do you think celebrities should be putting their names on marijuana?