How Rude! Don't you hate when you do go to get something, usually to eat, only to find out someone else has eaten the last piece. But to make it worse they left the empty package.

Yesterday, I went to my secret stash of Hershey's almond kisses,only to find an empty bag. I don't mind sharing with anyone but don't leave the empty bag. Really!? That is just a tease! Plus, it's rude! Because it's basically saying, I ate all your candy and left you nothing.

So, if you must eat all my treats, I don't mind! Just make sure you throw away the trash! LOL

Don't you hate that!

One time and this is the honest truth. I had a roommate who ate what was left in a bag of chips and put the empty bag back in the cabinet and then denied eating them. I think I would have known if I would have put an empty bag of chips back in the cabinet.

Has this ever happened to you?