Living in radio land I always wonder who out there might be listening and if they are what are they hearing. On my way to work every morning I pray that the Lord would let me be a light out there for at least one person. If I could touch one person everyday and help them out in that moment and that day, that is my mission.

But it is so amazing when it is turned around on me. You never know how much your kindness can mean. Even if it's just a simple gesture.

This morning I was surprised by a listener with the kindest gifts. The gifts were so thoughtful. But it wasn't just the gifts themselves. The gifts showed that he listens, he hears, and he pays attention.

He knew that I once said, I never had play do as a kid, because my mom wouldn't let me have it. He also knew I have a great love for alligators and brought me a huge stuffed alligator. And I always say you can never go wrong with roses. He also brought me a dozen pink roses.

Always be kind to others you never know the affect it can have on their lives.